Manage a Data Guard configuration with the Grid Control

For this exercise I will be using the VMware Linux servers: grid10g, which hosts the Grid Control management server, ha1, where the master database in a data guard couple is running, and ha2, where the standby database has benn created. Both ha1 and ha2 are configured with the grid control, both having a management agent.

Our purpose is to couple the master database MASTERF on ha1 with the standby database SBF1 on ha2

We start setting up the data guard broker configuration using the grid control

add standby database

manage with dataguard broker

We expect that we will be able to choose SBF1, and the screenshot offers indeed this option

Select Existing Standby Database

We do we will be able to connect to the standby ... even if the database is only mounted and not open!

connecting to the standby

We were able to connect! The next screen is about "Add Standby Database: Configuration"

Add Standby Database: Configuration

Add Standby Database: Review

creating dataguard configuration

This was about configuring the dataguard broker, see the previous article of this series for the installation Enterprise Manager Repository.
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