Sotto le tamerici

This poem was inspired by a match of Africa Cup 2008 (don't remember which one, but I made a DVD of all the matches and I can check it out).

At a certain point a swarm of insects invaded the pitch and this was a subject of conversation with my children for quite a few days. Hence the poem.

Following Horace's advice, I have kept this poem in a drawer since; re-reading it I find that it contains a certain entomological grace, which we'll certainly be appreciated by all the Africans who speak Italian!

It is a living piece, below the version as of 23-OCT-2009.
  Sotto le tamerici
Mi dici
"Mi piaci".
  Financo i pappataci
Svolazzano felici.
  Dettomi ciò giÓ taci
E agiatamente giaci.
  Ratto perciò giú pongo
Il giallo
Di Leonida Repaci.
  Vaghi scambiamo baci
Come due coturnici.
  Quand'ecco il fato rio,
di gioia esige il fio.
  Zompan su noi feroci,
Gli avidi pappataci.
  Pappataci felici
Ci ciucciano famelici
Sotto le tamerici.
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