Do you own a small cocoa farm? Need microcredit?
I would like to buy a small cocoa plantation, or invest in a farm, or support farmers that already own the plantation; my goal is only taking a marginal part in the production of this commodity, it is much more a matter of personal satisfaction.

My requirements are the following

  • The investment must be in one of countries that produce cocoa (excellent candidates: Ghana, Cameroon, Uganda, Congo but any of them).
  • I am only interested in clean and understandable proposals.
  • I could sponsor more than one project
None of these countries is next to Europe ... but the internet nowadays offers good and cheap ways of communicating that we will use to clarify all the preliminary questions, without having to travel from the very beginning.

(The wonderful pictures on the right hand side have been sent by
Ambrogio Lorenzetti painted in Siena, Italy, "The effects of good government" and "The effects of bad goverment"

A sound cooperation could have the same good effects: some prosperity, some little more fairness, for sure much satisfaction.
Microcredit for farmers? Sure.

This is another option; credit at low rates of interest to farmers before the main crop season that can be returned when the cocoa is sold.

We can discuss other forms of incentives

Reach me on Skype or using the form below

My account on Skype is askrenzo; you can often reach me in the evening (Central European Time) or during the weekends.

After the first contact via email I can give you a phone call, preferebly to a fix line as the quality of mobile calls to Africa seems rather variable.
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