Do you know the most common crime in Haiti?

This was a conversation on Skype on Jun 12th, 2009.
To respect this policeman's privacy I have replaced his alias with [withheld] and his country with "East Europe"

Renzo.....:Good afternoon! Do you live in Haiti? May I ask you something?
[withheld]:  yes
Renzo.....:Many thanks! Do you know an organisation ... just a second ...
[withheld]:  ok, waiting u
Renzo.....:[types the name of the organisation]
Renzo.....:They sent me an email address, but it doesn't work
[withheld]:  i have been working as an unpol for 15 months, this is the fisrt time i have ever heard this name
Renzo.....:no worries. What is a good website in order to find inforamtion about Haiti? Google.ha?
[withheld]:  maybe, but why do you prefer this country?
Renzo.....:they sent me an email in response to my campaign, aren't you happy there?
[withheld]:  this is the most poorest country of the world, i am here to make peace
[withheld]:  unpol=united nations police
Renzo.....:ah, where do you come from?
[withheld]:  East Europe
Renzo.....:a long way home.
[withheld]:  r u a business man?
[withheld]:  or r u looking for a job?
Renzo.....:I am an engineer, but interested in cocoa
[withheld]:  than u should go to dominic instead of haiti
[withheld]:  the other part of the island is as u know dominic republic
Renzo....: so haiti itself is bad
[withheld]:  no security
[withheld]:  no electricity
[withheld]:  no water
[withheld]:  do u know what is the common crime at this country?
[withheld]:  MURDER
Renzo.....:ohi ohi
[withheld]:  let me to send u a pciture which was taken last week
Renzo.....:go on ...
[withheld]:  ha was killed because of only 20 dollars
[withheld]:  i think ur life is more valuable than 20 dollars
[withheld]:  do u still interested in this country?
Renzo....: a bit less!
[fortunately the pictures don't get transferred]
Renzo.....: well, maybe I should NOT see the picture ...
[withheld]:  how?
Renzo.....: is it a horrible scene? or only an article?
[withheld]:  more than u thought
[withheld]:  his cranial was cut into pieces
[withheld]:  terrible terrible
Renzo.....: better not then
Renzo.....:was he a foreigner?
[withheld]:  try to enjoy your life and stay there, no he was a local
Renzo.....:thank you for all these warnings! Many thanks and bye bye
[withheld]:  bye, take care

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