An antology of the emails I have received

I want to thank all the people that have taken their the time to send me emails for my campaigns; a few of them were particularly well written and I'd like to publish them on my website

My requirements are the following None of these contries is next to Europe ... but the internet nowadays offers good and cheap ways of communicating that we will use to clarify all the preliminary questions, without having to travel from the very beginning.
Ambrogio Lorenzetti painted in Siena, Italy, "The effects of good government" and "The effects of bad goverment"

A sound cooperation could have the same good effects: some prosperity, some little more rightousness, for sure much fun.
Mz account on Skype is askrenzo; I am often online in the evening (Central European Time: Rome/Amsterdam/Bern) and during the weekends

After the first contact via email I can give you a phone call.

My email address is: