Are all white men the same? Renzo is

"Iam not supprised that you will not come to be sincere with you Mr Renzo,I had great hopes that i have met someone of sincere in this period of mondialisation,but i realise daily that you are just that kind of white who is relaxing with his pc who knows that all African people are scammers and is just joking with them.If i say so is due to the following analysis i have made.

You firstly appeared as someone who wants to help miserable Africans from poorverty by helping them through financing small projects,in that i gave a farm project which went to no avail.

secondly you appeared like someone interested in cocoa farm or coaco buying in that again you where silent,after asking me to meet and get the most reliable information on that sector.

When any question is posed to you about what you in the beginning instigated you play politics. [...]

Well i will not always forget to show gratitude for the lost hours of bills paid to me through the transfer you made"


What can I say? Here in Switzerland if you ask for a loan you have to provide all kind of evidence, photographs, documents, sign and resign, then you wait for an answer. Sometimes the bank will ask for more information, sometimes it will not accept if they are not convinced by your documentation.

When you apply for a job, you have one-two-three interviews, deliver all the "Zeugnisse" (certificates from the companies you worked for before) and provide references. Sometimes you get the job, sometimes you don't.

I believe that everybody ought to be willing to prove what he or she says without accusing people to play games. There are very many good people, and there are very many scammers. One immediately asks for money; Abu doesn't want to accept any money without seeing me before.

Yesterday, June 8 2009, I gave out my first three loans to cocoa farmers near Bedomase, Kumasi, Ghana
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