Scams and spam

I haven't received many scams yet, meaning offers from people that allure offering enormous and easy sums and that, of course, only want to cheat and steal money from you.

I have navigated on the Internet for quite a while and I feel I am a pretty good and watchful sailor; yet, I always cross check what people say and write to me. I always listen to warnings coming from other people, especially old wily foxes that know this world and the human being.

A good piece of advice is not to publish your email address; in fact you may have noticed that on this website there is no email address nor telephone number!

Spiders can come to your website and list all email addresses there, that then get inserted in databases and sold to spamming organisations. If you really have to put your email address, use an image.

Second excellent piece of advice: search on Google for the names contained in the messages you receive: quite often they are reported as samples of scams.

I will keep a list of the incoming hoaxes or warnings; I receive Googlebot's visit daily and these scams will shortly be available on Google for everybody's attention.

9-JUL-2009 - Beaten and robbed by scammers in Ghana

8-JUL-2009 - Sgt. Mark Momo, an American soldier in Irak, 25.000.000 USD

Jul 2009 - Much gold in Ghana: an example of SAKAWA

Sep 2010 - The so called

Aug 2009 - 8,45 million dollars from Sierra Leone