An example of Ghanaian SAKAWA with gold

Dear Renzo,
My name is Mark Mensah from Obuasi Accra Ghana, i am contacting you in regards of my late father Gold Field, i lost my father four
years ago and his workers cannot manage it properly and the business collapse, i am the first Son of the family
and i am looking for a foreign Investor to assist me in this area.
If you are interested contact me via email or call my telephone line 00233246751109.

Good morning Mark

Many thanks for you note.
Would you please give me more details about this field? Are you saying that there is gold in it? Any idea about the amount of the investment required?

Dear Renzo, I want to thank you for your response towards my proposal, My late father is the CEO of this Gold mining company and had many workers with different positions , but since 4 years now my father died,
no one is care to work accordingly because am so young and not part of the board of directors so
none of them want to listen to my advice and abandon the company.
Trying to forge my late fatherís signature to withdraw the gold he deposited in the bank (50kgs) before I was informed.

I contact you to come down to Ghana immediately so that we can go together to the gold field for you to see how everything is wasting.
My late fatherís Gold mining company is well registered and approved by government of Ghana. I will forward the documents to you as we proceed.

You may be asking, what is the gold field? We produce gold dust and bar from there after that we export it. Please I need your assistance urgently.
Can you confirm to me how much is 1kg of gold in your country.
Kindly forward to me all your contact details as follows:

1) Your full name
2) Youíre Occupation
3) Telephone number
4) Age and your complete address
May God bless you,
Waiting to hear from you.

Dear Mark

Many thanks for your note; 1g of gold costs about 30$ at the moment, so 1Kg is around 30,000$; as you know prices change
at any new North Korea threat etc.
Thank you for your explanation. What is your role in the company? Did your father own it? Is it now legally yours or are you only
trying to get hold of your father's properties? [...] Best regards Renzo
Dear Mr. Renzo, Thank you, for your immediate response and sms, Mr. Renzo I will be happy if you can give me an opportunity to speak with you
because I believe that speaking heart to heart with you will enhance your understanding also it will boast our relationship.
Regarding to your question if the Gold Farm belongs to me, I will gladly let you know that as the next of Kin I automatically
become the full ownership since my father is no more, I am the legitimate and approved ownership of my late fatherís company; it belongs to me;
the only problem is the in-efficiency of the worker and
their inability to manage the company that is why I needed a capable hand to assist me rebuild and manage the company secondly I am too young to manage the company.

Mr. Renzon, the company needs a capable hand and also require foreign partner with foreign buyers hence I contacted you for a partnership that will
last for a longer period of years so that with all your connection we can be rest assure of getting a gold buyers and also make sure that all the gold
will be exported to enable us generate more income.
I will like you to partner me in this company and I will need all your assistance and support to revive this company Note: you will be entitled
to a certain % of the total investment which we are still going to discuss in due cause and I will need your assistance so that all the equipments we need can be supply.

Attached to this mail is the mining site I will be sending to you the company registration Certificate and incorporation for your preview and I will also be pleaded
if you can tell me little about your self, investment and statues?.
Mr. Reanzo, the price is ok over there in Sold; here the local miners give out a Kilo of 22/23+ carat 99% for a price of $22,000.
Mr. Razon, in your response you said you had programmed to be in Ghana in Two or Three Months because of your time which I my self I donít have problem with
but I am only worried of the distance and I will plead with you to see if you can program yourself and take some time of to visit Ghana
just to see things before we commence on other arrangements so that we can have understanding of memorandum to commence.

Once again I thank God for meeting with you and I know I will not be disappointed from you at all.
May God bless you and keep you. Mr.Mark

My Brother Renzo,

Thank you, so much for your time and understanding most especially your dedication towards this proposal of mine, I hope and pray for a long lasting relationship.
Mr. Renzo, let me be brief so you can understand my position, I donít know the exact Amount that will be needed for this project secondly the main reason why I
need your assistance is because of the 50kg of gold my late father deposited in the custody of GATE WAY INSURANCE COM. LTD
since 2004 before he died, this Gold if sold will help us a long way in this project.
Mr. Renzo, the main reason why I had wanted you to come down to Ghana is because I want you to stand by me as my late father business foreign business partner and get the 50kilos out from the security company also it will enable you to visit the mining site and know what equipment that will be needed for the investment, when you arrive we will prepare
the shipment documents and the gold will be shipped to your country so that after sales you can then come down to Ghana with the money for our mining company to be commence work.
Mr. Renzo, I have attached all the documents to you, the name of my late father Company is NICKMORGAN MINING COMPANY and his NAME is
MR. DAVID MORGAN MENSAH you can go through all; I want you to know that I have full confidence in you about this transaction. And am too happy because
gold price is high in your country that means we will make big money out of the 50kilos which will help a long way in developing our mining site.
Am expecting your call as you promised me, I always pray for you and for this business.
Mr. Mark Morgan Mensah

My Ghanaian expert Kwame had carefully followed my correspondence with "Mr. Mark Morgan Mensah "; this is what he wrote on 10-JUL-2009

Hi Renzo, I am sorry to say but everything there is FAKE. All the documents have been FORGED. Please, for God's sake, forget about these people!!!!!!!!
They are dishonest bunch of gentlemen using all strategies to defraud you. If you invest even a dollar in them hoping to gain something
substantial from them, you will definitely live to regret.
They are only selling lies supported by fake documents to be actualized by fake actors if you get involved and become curious to see to the end by coming to see them in Ghana.

Let me use this opportunity to warn you because " TO BE FORWARNED IS TO BE FORARMED". The way these people have started with you is the same
way other people trick foreigners to come to Ghana and end up being defrauded, robbed and sometimes beaten if they prove stubborn.
The perpetrators of these acts are almost always young men below the of 40 years claiming to be the next of kin of his father who has
left treasure somewhere or act as women and induce unsuspecting male foreigners to come and marry them only to come and get robbed or old European
ladies wishing to marry young Africans getting defrauded by their supposed husband to be.
In Ghana here, this is locally called "SAKAWA" so write to your potential partner and tell him that you are not interested in his
"SAKAWA BUSINESS" and see how he will reply.