Growing berries awaiting cocoa trees

Blueberry mirtillo


I had never seen blueberries (in Italian, mirtilli) in Sardinia; I would imagine it is too hot for them, so I decided to buy four bushes. Now (beginning of July) they are getting ripe

They have lovely colours; the berries from green turn to light purple and, when ripe, to dark purple/blue. They have an unique taste.

I have been told by the nursery to keep them in the shadow, I am wondering whether it really has to be so.

Here is Switzerland blueberries jam is quite popular and not particularly expensive; very common is also yogurt with blueberries.
Mirtilli maturi

Vaccinium Myrtillus

Gooseberry uva spina


Gooseberries are called "uva spina" in Italian (grapes with thorns), and in fact grow on healthy shrubs with piercing thorns

They want much sun; our variety turns to light purple-brown when ripe, in Sardinia we have a plant whose berries are light yellow.

Their jam is very expensive and rare.

Ribes uva-crispa L. / Ribes grossularia L.

Cranberry Mirtillo rosso


Cranberries are called "mirtilli rossi" in Italian (red "blueberries") and it is a plant that only appeared in my life because of my Anglosaxon friends

We are in first week of July and the berries are still green, should become red.
I tend to believe that they never get sweet!

I have eaten home made "cranberry sause", which is a kind of sweet - sour jam.

Vaccinium macrocarpon L. / Vaccinnium Vitis-idaea L.

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